The Home Stretch – Three More Events!

Well, the time has come to slowly start wrapping the project up (for now). The month of November has been jam-packed with workshops and live shows. And we’re not slowing down just yet. We have three final livestream events coming to you between the end of November and early December 2020.

First, on November 28, 2020, we are having a huge celebration honouring the contributions of Black Quebecer’s to the province’s musical heritage. This event is in collaboration with the Black Community Resource Centre and is featuring a cross-section of the staggering diversity of Black musical talent and heritage in Montreal. Featuring The Sherwood Brothers, Ranee Lee, Michael Farkas, Fatima Wilson, Kalmunity, Todd Smith, Elli Miller-Maboungou and Lionel Kizaba, West-Can Folk Performing Co., King Shadrock, Naika Champaigne, Dominick and Beres.

On December 6, we are joining forces once again with our partner KlezKanada to bring you the final instalment of our KlezmerKonnections series featuring live music and discussion about the role of Klezmer music in building community through music and dance. Featuring live music from Montreal’s leading Klezmer players Yoni Kaston and Ariane Morin, Zilien Biret and Dan Kunda Thagard, and discussion with scholar and Yiddish dance instructor Avia Moore.

December 12 will be the final event for the project and one that’s been a long-time in the making. Hemmingford Archives were one of our first project partners and together we will be presenting a livestream that pays tribute to two of the Chateauguay Valley’s most beloved square dance orchestras, Rufus Fisher’s Orchestra of Barrington, QC and Wilson’s Westernaires led by Ellis Wilson of Brooklet, QC. We’ll be sharing live fiddle and piano music with John Wilson and Connie McClintock, interviews with friends and family, and old recordings and photographs of Rufus Fisher and Ellis Wilson. Brysonville Schoolhouse Revisited people will also be streaming the event from their Facebook page.

Published by Glenn Patterson

I'm a PhD candidate in ethnomusicology at Memorial University in St. John's, Newfoundland. I'm currently back in Montreal doing research for the Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network and their 2019-2020 project "A Different Tune: Musical Heritage in English-Speaking Quebec"

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