John and Connie Wilson – Fiddle and Piano Music from the Chateauguay Valley

A few weeks back, my friend and colleague Laura Risk gave an online fiddle workshop for this project. The event had originally been scheduled to happen at MacDougall Hall in Ormstown but we moved it over to Zoom in light of current restrictions on public gatherings. We had nine beginner fiddlers join from all over Quebec and one student from southern Ontario. At the intermission, we were treated to a short set of fiddle music from the Chateauguay Valley’s barn dance era by John and Connie Wilson of Brooklet, QC (near Huntingdon). He provides some nice commentary on the role of this music in the dances and answered mine and Laura Risk’s questions about the musical history of the local area. Here is the Zoom online footage of their set.

John and Connie Wilson play a set of music typical of Chateauguay Valley barn dances which were popular between the 1940s and 1970s.

I’ve known John for about ten years now and it’s always a joy to hear him play – even over an at-times unreliable rural Internet connection on Zoom. He has a distinctively graceful and expressive style that is complemented so well by Connie’s old-time piano style. I’m looking forward to sharing more music and history from John and his community later in this project. Stay tuned!

Published by Glenn Patterson

I'm a PhD candidate in ethnomusicology at Memorial University in St. John's, Newfoundland. I'm currently back in Montreal doing research for the Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network and their 2019-2020 project "A Different Tune: Musical Heritage in English-Speaking Quebec"

2 thoughts on “John and Connie Wilson – Fiddle and Piano Music from the Chateauguay Valley

  1. Thanks so much for sharing. I made my dad listened to it and he loved it. We lived in Athelstan when we were young. My dad has 86 and I’m 61 years old. i started to play the fiddle at 40 taught i was too old but I’m doing not too bad and I have a pile of fun. We always went to dances. Square dances and social dances. What a great influence and great souvenirs


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